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Applied AI Essentials is a 5 week comprehensive course to enable beginners and intermediate data scientists to kick start their learning path with in-demand tools and techniques.

Estimated TIme

5 Weeks / 18 hr Per wEEK


Basic Python

What You Will Learn

Course Description

The curriculum is spread across 5 weeks with 2 weeks dedicated to our HIVE Projects that focus on applying the knowledge and skills gained to real world projects. 

Week 1: Programming Basics
Week 2: Building Your First Machine Learning Solution
Week 3: DeeP Dive in Machine Learning
Week 4 & 5: The HIVE PROJECTS

What's New

Exploring the depths of self supervised and unsupervised AI

AAIE 2021 

We have updated the AAIE course with new modules such as GANS, Reinforcement Learning and Autoencoders


Generative Adversarial Networks, or GANs for short, are an approach to generative modeling using deep learning methods, such as convolutional neural networks.


Reinforcement Learning(RL) is a type of machine learning technique that enables an agent to learn in an interactive environment by trial and error using feedback from its own actions and experiences.


An autoencoder is a neural network that is trained to learn efficient representations of the input data (i.e., the features). Although a simple concept, these representations, called codings, can be used for a variety of dimension reduction needs, along with additional uses such as anomaly detection and generative modeling.

What's Included?

Applied AI Essentials

Our Program offers unique and personalized features such as: 

Theoretical Lectures, Guided Notebooks and LIVE Sessions

Get access to wide variety of resources, live and recorded sessions all of which are designed and structured to help you succeed!

Access to LIVEAI Community of Researchers, Instructors and Support Team

Our dedicated support team consists of researchers, teachers and instructors having years of experience in academia and industry. Meet and Greet them via our Slack channels and Live sessions. 

Access to Networking Opportunity with Other Students

Build your network as you get an opportunity to not only to connect from professionals, students from across the globe but also open opportunity to develop working and professional relationships!

Potential Opportunity to work with Us!

We recognize and onboard talent and many of you would get opportunities to work and collaborate with us on international level projects all of which would boost your portfolio, build skills and experience. 

Work On Real World Projects


Our Hive Capstone projects are an integral part of all our training programs and have been carefully designed by our industry domain experts. They are aimed to bring together industry experts and researchers at one platform to guide and mentor learners of LiveAI. This applied AI experience will help you as a Data Scientist to succeed in the real world.


Understand and Develop AI solutions in Healthcare projects through an immersive online experience that draws on real-world case studies.


The impact of climate change on the planet is imminent. Learn and develop AI solutions that can help mitigate this with our hands-on Climate AI projects.


Build an AI solution with the guidance of our AI Energy Experts.


Understand depression and develop an AI solution in our AI for Neuroscience project.

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How It Works

Step 1. Check if the course is right for you

Step 2. Download the Brochure and Course Curriculum 

We strive to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant.

Step 3. Head over to Purchase the Course

Simply add the course to your cart and proceed to pay. We offer multiple payment options including Visa, Mastercard,Paypal.

Step 4. Onboarding

We will get in touch with you via email and provide you with next steps. In case you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our email


With early access you can start learning at your convenience, explore the platform, ask questions and kickstart your journey with us!

The LiveAI Experience

Learn Industry Relevant Skills from Industry's Best

We work and partner with renowned professionals and researchers in the field of AI/ML to deliver state of the art experience. 

Work On Real World Projects that provide you with real World Experience

Our HIVE Projects are real world projects that provide you with an opportunity to apply what you have learnt therefore giving you the confidence in your skills. 


Feeling stuck or not confident? Don't worry, we have a dedicated team to guide you at every step to ensure your doubts are clarified so that you are able to successfully complete the program. 


Share your ideas, discuss your perspective and network with professionals therefore improving your career prospects. 

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Do I have to complete the course in 5 weeks?

We recommend that you follow the schedule to complete the course in the 5 weeks timeline for an optimal learning experience. However, if you are unable to do so, you will still get 90 days after the cohort to complete the course at your own pace.  

What is the overall tuition and what is offered with this tuition?

The tuition charges for Applied AI Essentials 5 Week Course is 599 Euros. 

Are the taxes inclusive or exclusive of the tuition amount?

The taxes and all the other charges are inclusive. The price you see is what you pay. 

Can I apply for a refund?

We have a formal policy on refunds. The refund(s) are looked into on an individual case to case basis. Please have a review of the policy here. 

I need help with the tuition fees. What options do you have for me? 

At the moment, we offer discounts to those who have been affected by COVID-19. We also offer no cost installment payments. 

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